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Partnering to Build Stronger Communities

Champions Leadership brings together creative and ambitious leaders to transform the existing system of leadership development. We go beyond traditional classroom-based formats to an experiential-based model by partnering the for-profit world with the nonprofit world.

The Need

Leaders of community-based organizations, or nonprofits, face many challenges. A lot of them do not have a formal business education. They are driven by a passion to solve an issue in their community. This thinking creates new opportunities for profit and competitive advantage. Competitiveness of a company and health of a community are closely intertwined, but not all profit is equal. Companies that profit through a social purpose represent a higher form of capitalism.

How it Works

Champions Leadership alliance connects for-profit leaders with community based organization (CBOs) leaders to solve issues facing both. For-profit companies purchase memberships for leaders who would like to participate. Each paid membership comes with a free membership for a CBO of their choice.



Leadership development is important for both for profits and nonprofit organizations. We setup monthly and weekly mastermind groups to help both come together a solve problems that matter to both.



Nonprofits rarely have money to advertise. We help nonprofits find and pay for promotion and marketing.



Nonprofits can only do good in the community if they stay open. The for-profit and nonprofit teams we put together work to find ways to keep nonprofits open.

Want to learn more but listening is more your style?

Chip and Randy from the High Performance Leadership Podcast recently talked about the Champions Leadership program on a recent episode of the High Performance Leadership Podcast. Give it a listen!

How did we get started?

Our parent company, 360 Solutions, has worked with organizations for 20 years. We provide leadership development that helps business go from traditional to high performance. Champions Leadership started as a way to give CBOs with small budgets access to our transformative curriculum, and ultimately make communities stronger through an innovative partnership.

Our pilot program in Waco, Texas has been wildly successful. Over the course of 3 years, we’ve helped 18 community-based organizations (CBOs) develop their leaders while helping them create sustainability and gain media exposure. 


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Next Step: Choose a Path

Does the Champions Program sound like something you want to be a part of? Great! It’s time now to choose your adventure.

"I'm interested in bringing Champions Leadership to my community as an Area Director."

This option is for anyone who wants to lead the effort to bring Champions Leadership to cities across the country. You’ll learn our system inside and out, put together groups, and facilitate sessions. Many area directors have their own consulting firms already, but that’s certainly not a prerequisite.

On the next page we’ll include more information about how to get started as an Area Director.

"I'm in a community based organization and want to be in a group."

Fill out the form below and we’ll make sure an Area Director contacts you.