Make a difference in your community.

Become a Champions Leadership Area Director

What is an Area Director?

A Champions Leadership Area Director brings the Champions Leadership system to his or her local community. They find community based organization in their city, pair them with for-profit companies, and facilitate leadership development through our proven system. We’re actively recruiting Area Directors across the U.S. Get in touch with us soon to make sure your city is still available!

Help out your community

Community based and for-profit organizations in your area benefit from working together to solve issues facing the community.

Work For Yourself

Use our curriculum, but maintain the program in your area. Work as little or as much as you'd like. Grow the program to several groups, or just a few.

A Proven System

Our program is used in 100s of companies. We've honed the process over 20 years. The proof is in: our program is the best leadership development system you could use.

Get More Info!

We’ll reach out to tell you more about the Champions Leadership program and how you can make an impact in your area!